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The Critique of Gender

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4/12/05 07:27 pm - evilwonderbra

My professor just sent this e-mail to us about our class discussion, and asked us to answer these questions so I thought I would share (I'm a community posting fool today :)

1. What is your sex? How do you know?
2. What is your gender? How do you know?
3. What is your  sexuality? How do you know?

My Answers:
1. Female, because I have a vagina
2. Feminine, because I like pretty dresses and I like pretty boys (and girls) the theme here is pretty
3. Heterosexual, because the idea of vagina does nothing for me. I am intrigued by kissing girls, but nothing more. The idea of sex with a woman icks me out.

4/12/05 02:48 pm - evilwonderbra

I just started a new community. It's hurt_free_life and it's cool. Join it. Post in it. Make it fun. I'm probably going to invite you anyway. Peeeeeer Pressssuuureeee.

4/12/05 01:59 pm - evilwonderbra - Gender in Language

Just got out of my advanced fiction class, where we talked about the difference between sex/sexuality/gender. My professor wasn't particularly interested in the name change of our university's Women's Studies department to something like "Female and Queer Studies" or "Gender, Sexuality, and Sex studies" and she felt that people get too wrapped up in terminology and lose the point of the matter. I disagreed, I thought that terms are important, that language is powerful.

So my questions for the community are:

1. Are defining the terms we use about sex/sexuality/gender as important as breaking down the binary of gender/sex/sexuality? I'm assuming you want to break down that binary, but if not...

2. Another interesting topic that came up was the performance of gender, and whether living in a genderless world would even be something worth doing. Personally, there is nothing I like more than being a girl, putting on a dress, shopping, watching Oprah, painting my nails, and I don't think any of these things make me less feminist, nor do I think we have to have a gendered world in order for me to enjoy those things. So, how many people are afraid of a world without gender, and what do you think that world may look like?

3. Finally, a really controversial question, what is a feminist anyway?

3/31/05 10:23 am - dragondazd - Work and Children

I guess I'll start throwing out a few topics to get us started...

An article on housework and children

Basically the way housework is divided up seems to affect the likelihood of having a second child. More specifically, what the wife decides. It makes a lot of sense. How do two people who work divide up the household chores? Can it be done equably?

Since I'm home most of the time, I do most of it, though badly. Wy helps when I'm sick, and we do a lot of things together. I think we fit under the category of sharing things but without a set plan, and it makes me wonder...

At any rate, I think this all could be reversed if Wy were the student and I was actually doing something productive. Maybe one day we'll both be lazy students at the same time and will find out if we can divide evenly.

I also wonder if women are more likely, or more trained, to make sure things are done, noticing or possibly getting fed up? by things left neglected, and thus doing things by default? Perhaps it's more that different people get fed up with different things and end up doing different chores for their own convenience/satisfaction. I'm first to get irritated and vacuum, though Wy is always nagging me about keeping the cat's filtered waterbowl filled.
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