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The world is doomed by women in trews!

A most bizarre discussion of the evils of women wearing trousers because...
The motive impelling women to wear men's dress is always that of imitating, nay, of competing with, the man who is considered stronger, less tied down, more independent.

Erm... or possibly cos trousers are somewhat more practical perchance? Yeah, I wear a skirt to work, about 50% of the time, where I (somewhat unstrenuously,) I sit on an office chair all day, but not on a motorbike, to ride a horse, to ramble through mud and brambles, or when it's bloody cold. Yeah I can still drive a car in a skirt, but for long trips I prefer the easiness of trews. They're practical dammit, if I am making a statement, it's generally on practicality, (and possibly laziness,) not mimicry.

Heck, I skim read most of this, on account that it was sending me into a coma, but it does rather amuse me that someone could seriously think that all the worlds ills and breakdowns in society would go away if only women wore skirts! What the???

Furthermore, I wish to point out that I personally don't wear mens trousers, they're my trousers! Not trews I've ripped off some protesting blokie, mine own trousers dammit!

I direct you to my icon above, a photograph of myself where I did indeed happen to be wearing trews at the time, and while it probably says alot about me, The perversion of her psychology is clear to be seen. the actual wearing of trousers appears to be the least of my problems, and compared to all else, somewhat trivial in the grand scheme of things.
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