Evilwonderbra (evilwonderbra) wrote in gender_critique,

Generally I hate them anyway...

so whenever I hear people going crazy over "ice" I roll my eyes. But,once I learned about the diamond industry (about seven years ago) especially the horrible things that happen to children because of them, I had to wonder why so many (especially famous) people continue to wear and promote the diamond industry? Is it ignorance to the cause, or do they just don't give a damn?


Furthermore, theway they are pushed on women as being the only way a man can show his love? Is disgusting. Whenever I see those ads that say "show her how much you care, buy her something overpriced" I can't help but laugh, and then want to vomit. I can't stand it when women claim to promote human rights and want equality, but then demand diamond engagement rings. It just seems so hypocritical to me.

What do you guys think. Also, would you accept, or buy, or do you currently own diamonds? Why or why not? And, if you didn't know about the diamond industry before, would knowing about it now deter you from buying or accepting them in the future?
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