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The gun show

Some gun ramblings...

Recently, we met up with some geeks to shoot at someone's grandfather's farm. There were two other girls there, and everyone handled weapons. The grandfather said his granddaughter could shoot better than the boys.

Anyway, we ended up going to buy a second gun so we could both shoot something, and Wy could get more practice for work with a pistol.

There were a lot of men at the gun show today. As we walked off after registration, some lady showed up behind us. I didn't look back, but one of the men at the entrance asked her if she was looking for 'the other show' which I assume was some other event at the fairgrounds.

As Wy was considering the gun that we ultimately bought, the man at the table said I should get a gun. He pointed to a larger pistol with a shiny handle and said that could work. The only thing you could hide it in is a purse. IMO it was a very ugly gun :D

There were a couple women there, even some behind the tables, though none of the shoppers seemed to be there unaccompanied by a man.

After reflecting upon these encounters and my brief (but continuing) experience with a "plinker" gun, I've determined that guns are not in themselves masculine, but the culture and stereotype around them certainly are. Perhaps men are more interested in violence, and men don't let women go off and play war, but a woman with a gun is as pwerful as a man with a gun, all else equal. Shouldn't it be a means to equality rather than an extension of gender differences? If nothing else, wouldn't a more even distribution of genders increase acceptance of guns as a hobby rather than a feared man-killing device?

It just makes me wonder, if we were a fully armed society, would there be more equality, more respect, and maybe less  violence, since an attacker wouldn't have as great an advantage?
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